Electric vehicles are rapidly growing
in numbers and quality.

The electric boom is coming.

Still, the subject raises lots of questions. Are electric cars more environmentally friendly than traditional vehicles? What’s the expected range? Do we have sufficient infrastructure to charge them in time for our next trip? You probably have many more.

To answer them, meet AskLee! The AskLee app is here to help you figure out how to evaluate whether or not an electric car matches your driving profile. The app will analyse your mobility behavior and will provide you with an easy to understand EV assessment on the go.


There's something about data...

While you drive, AskLee collects data. After some crunching and munching, AskLee assesses your driving behaviour and provides you with electroshocking, electrical, electric, ... yeah right an electric vehicle eligibility report.

...and science...

AskLee uses advanced scientific models based on recent research and published articles. This is how we come to a complete and accurate personal EV assessment.

...but also about privacy!

We care about GDPR. But most probably you care even more. That's why we don't enforce you to sign up. You can, but you don't need to. In any case, please read the data privacy statement, it helps you to sleep better.


Your digital companion at the Motor Show

During the Brussels Motor Show, AskLee will assist you in finding electric and hybrid vehicles, facilities and many things more.

Scores, metrics, KPIs, ... what's in a name?

An EV assessment consists of several metrics such as the number of charging stations on your daily commute, your driving pattern, the average distance you cover daily, the charging frequency and many more.

No hassle

Just install and off you go! The EV results will come in soon after.