AskLee as an app -
The Driver Companion

AskLee is an application for IOS and Android that will help you get an answer on all your questions related to whether you are eligible to drive with an EV.
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How does this
app work?

During the drive we record a series of parameters based on your driving behavior, the route you’re taking, etc. in order to give an accurate result of a shift to an EV.

Overview Report

Users receive a score to determine the eligibility to own an electric car.

Private & Secure

Data is stored in highly secure and comply with GDPR

Driver Safety

After each trip drivers receives a safety score based on different risk factors like slippery road, speeding e.t.c

User Friendly

With a nice design and detailed explanation inside app user finds it seamless in using

App screenshot & showcase

Available for your smartphone.

All the power of AskLee in your pocker. Install, Drive and monitor all your trips.
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